Your Options for Painted Shutters in Dallas

There are a number of paint options available for you to express your style. Whether you want light colors, wood stains, or darker hues, our design experts help you choose the hues that best go with your rooms. The white paints we bake on our Polywood® plantation shutters are infused with UV stabilizers to hinder fading – no matter how hard the TX sun beats down. In addition, our paints are environmentally friendly and don’t give off fumes– so you won’t have to worry about your loved ones’ safety.

Browse through our selection of painted shutters in Dallas, including our Polywood and Ovation® shutters.

Paints for Polywood Shutters

We offer Polywood shutters in Dallas in three premium white paints. Our design experts walk you through choosing your shutters’ paint color. Just pick the paint color you desire. We’ll apply that color to your Polywood shutters. In that way, when we set up your Polywood shutters, they’re not only custom-crafted specifically for your windows. They’re also custom-painted to fit your style.

Premium White Paints

Bright White PaintWhite PaintOff White Paint

Paints for Ovation Shutters

Ovation® wood shutters in Dallas come in 11 paint colors. You can choose from a spectrum of shades of white. Our design specialists will help you choose the hue that best fits your home’s furnishings.

Here are your paint options for Ovation:


Ovation wood shutters look stunning when stained. Discover what your stain options are.

Special Note

Colors may vary by monitor/screen. At your in-home consultation, your window treatment specialist will show samples of every Ovation stain and paint color for you to pick from.

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