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Polywood plantation shutters in Dallas living room

Window Treatments for High Ceiling Windows in Dallas

October 10, 2016

Many homes around Dallas have that one window or assortment of windows that’s positioned high up on the wall just short of the ceiling, or is so tall that it may be out of reach. While these additions are distinctive and stunning, they might also be a source of headaches when looking for high ceiling window treatments.

Great room in open concept Dallas home with plantation shutters on high ceiling windows.

But don’t worry - there isn’t a window Sunburst Shutters Dallas has encountered that we haven’t turned into something stunning. Let’s examine some of the best options for window treatments for the tall and high ceiling windows in your Dallas house.

High Ceiling Plantation Shutters

When it comes to high ceiling windows, the more convenient, the better. That’s why plantation shutters should be one of your primary selections for a high window treatment. Most times the first thought about window treatments for a tall or high window is “How will I open and shut it?” If you choose shutters, that’s rarely a concern, as homeowners usually have the louvers placed at a single, desireable angle at all times, so the perfect amount of light is let in while at the same time maintaining the privacy you need.

If frequent louver movement is necessary, there’s no need to get out the ladder. We’ll provide you with an adjustable pole to tweak the tilt rod, giving you easy control over your shutters. And once finished, the pole telescopes down for easy storage until the time comes to adjust the shutters again.

One of the biggest hassles which is common with high ceiling window treatments is keeping them clean, just one more problem that plantation shutters can solve. Due to their material, color, and angled construction, Polywood® plantation shutters don’t need to be cleaned as often as other window treatments. And when it comes time to clean, every part of the shutter can easily be wiped with a cloth, without the hassle of taking down the shutter.

All of these features, combined with interior shutters’ excellent energy efficiency, make for a perfect fit for tall windows.

Automatic Shades Make High Ceiling Windows Simple

Contemporary Dallas bedroom with high ceiling windows and brown honeycomb shades. 

What could be as easy as leaving your high window treatment in a single position? Being able to adjust it with the flip of a switch! That’s where automated shades come in, adding chic style with straightforward convenience.

Automatic shades are a great match for taller windows, even moreso because you’re able to choose to either operate your shades by hand, or with a control device. Your window treatments have at long last entered the new millennium!

The Best Window Treatments Are No Longer Out Of Reach

Stop letting the distance between the floor and your windows discourage you from getting the best product for your home. Sunburst Shutters Dallas will do the hard part when you set up your free in-home design consultation. We’ll handle any measuring as well as the entire installation process so you don’t need to stress about getting up that wall. Call us today at 214-301-5066 or schedule a meeting online - we’re here for you!