Why Homeowners In Dallas Should Purchase Their Window Treatments Custom-Fitted

Collins Jones

Your window coverings are outdated, and you’re finally need something more updated. You shop around online and select coverings you want from the internet. Once your window coverings appear at your door, you start the installation, but they don’t look like the ones you pictured. Even with being described as adjustable, they just won’t snug up against the window frame. 

Purchasing stock window treatments from a big box store is simple, but they most likely won’t be a perfect fit. That’s why the window pros in Dallas suggest scheduling an appointment to get window treatments custom-fitted for the windows in your home.

Get Window Treatments Custom-fitted for Your Home

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You might decide that if your window treatment covers your window, it’s doing what it’s meant to do. However, imprecisely measured window treatments leave a lot to be desired. And even if you precisely measure the dimensions of the treatments you need, what you receive won’t meet your expectations. Mass-produced treatments can differ as much as an inch in size, so you may not receive the coverings you expect.

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even standard windows can never be assumed as even along all the edges. Coverings that are not custom fitted may not look attractive or function properly. Additionally, they may not have the additional features that you want.

Just know that when you get window treatments custom-fitted for the windows in your home, you receive quality window coverings that are the correct dimensions and do everything you want them to do.

Prevent Unattractive Gaps and Compromises With Custom-Crafted Window Treatments

Arched Plantation Shutters The first thing to evaluate with new window treatments is how would you like your treatments to function? If you don’t get custom-made coverings for your windows, they might not work appropriately.

When your window treatments aren’t quite big enough, they can cause unsightly gaps along the window edges that will not block the light or prying eyes. If treatments such as shades are too big for the window, they will be awkward and be difficult to to adjusdt. Your window coverings could become a source of inconvenience instead of pride.

However, custom-fitted window coverings completely cover your window and hang perfectly. You can also choose extra features such as wider shutter louvers or brackets that hold your blinds in place to give enhanced light control and privacy that ready-made treatments might not offer.

And if you have a specialty-shaped window, such as an octagon or arch, it’s nearly impossible to find a ready-made treatment that fits correctly. These windows demand a covering such as a quality shutter that can be measured and built for an exact dimension. When you order window treatments custom-fitted for your specialty-shaped windows, they will give all the light control, privacy and energy-efficiency of the coverings on your standard-sized windows.

Take The Opportunity To Get A Professional Window Measurement

Dallas Sunburst Shutters Professional It may seem easier to measure the dimensions of your windows and order treatments on your own, but there are a lot of advantages to reaching out for an in-home consultation and having professional measure your windows instead of doing it on your own.

When a when an expert from Sunburst Shutters Dallas carefully takes the exact measurements of your windows, you can be confident that all your treatments will be custom-fitted to each window perfectly. They will offer their expert recommendations for window coverings that that best meet your needs and will be able to offer you the mounting method that’s optimal for your windows. They will even measure each and every window in your home, so if you decide to get treatments for the other rooms, you will already have all the measurements.

As always, your Sunburst Shutters Dallas consultation in Dallas is free, so take advantage of this perk and find the perfect window treatments for your home!

Purchase Your Custom-Fitted Coverings From Sunburst

Once you decide to purchase window treatments custom-fitted to the windows in your home, reach out to Sunburst Shutters. Our window specialists will precisely measure your windows, and will professionally install your custom-crafted window coverings so they look and work just as you imagined. Give us a call at 214-301-5066 or send in the form below to make an appointment for a free in-home consultation.