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White Roman shades in a dining room.

When To Put Roman Window Shades In Dallas

December 06, 2022

Distinctive Roman shades blend the beauty of drapery with the easy function of window shades. It’s not surprising that Dallas families love them! But you might be unsure how to integrate these popular window treatments in your residence. Luckily, versatile Roman shades look great in just about every area of your home. When you understand how they are used and where they should go, you’ll be ready to order your own customized Roman shades.

How Roman Shades Operate

Modern Roman shades in a corner of an office.

Roman shades work much like regular roller shades in Dallas. Just extend them downward to cover your windows, then move them up to enjoy sunlight and a perspective of the outdoors. You are able to select between pull-bars or pull-cords to operate them. You can also find motorized Roman shades that open and close with the simple touch of a remote.

The appeal of Roman shades comes from the pleats and folds that emulate drapery, offering a striking soft feature to your windows. Sold in different fabrics, you can select the degree of privacy and sunlight control you want. Sheer choices will let in a filtered light. Mostly nontransparent products will stop most light and keep people outside from peering in.

Where To Put Roman Shades In Your Dallas Home

Navy blue Roman shades in a corner of a modernly decorated living room.

You may put Roman shades in almost any space area that you wish to. Their straightforward elegance lends itself to most interior design styles, and it’s simple to find them in tones and patterns to suit your preferred style. They’re a breeze to operate too, so it’s smart to install them on windows where you frequently have to open and close window treatments.

Roman shades are a great alternative to formal drapes and curtains that look too fancy or are a challenge to clean. They are perfect for dining and living rooms where you may welcome guests. They appear sophisticated but offer options for exterior light and privacy. You may simply move them if the sun shines in visitors’ eyes or for privacy as your attendees stay to talk at the dining table all evening.

Roman shades also deliver a little flair to bedrooms. The distinctive folds of the fabric fit right in with your comfortable bedding. They look a great deal more elegant than the lower quality blinds numerous residents put in bedrooms and are a pleasant change from curtains. Select room darkening Roman window shades in Dallas if you wish to put them in a bedroom. The thicker covering will obstruct light as you’re sleeping.

When It’s Best Not To Install Roman Shades

White Polywood shutters in a corner of a beige dining room.

Roman shades look beautiful in every area, but they might not hold up well under specific circumstances. For instance, fabric window shades aren’t suitable for high-humidity bathrooms. The moisture in the air causes their fibers to wear down over time, and wet fabric fosters the growth of mold.

In addition, your Roman shades will probably get stained in a window over the kitchen sink where they can be subjected to splatters from with food and liquids. They also might not withstand for long periods of time in particularly hot settings. If you would like eye-catching window treatments in these spots or in hotter temperatures, use water-resistant and resilient Polywood® louvered shutters, and set aside your fabric Roman shades for another room.

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