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White Polywood shutters on a large arched living room window

Whats The Best Window Treatment For Arched Windows In Dallas?

January 06, 2017

Arched or often called eyebrow windows are rectangular in shape with a round top. They are lovely in your home, but their characteristic long curved top makes it challenging to find window treatments suitable for them. You don’t want to conceal their delightful look with a normal square window treatment, but they can allow bright sun glare you want to steer clear of. So what are the top arched window treatments in Dallas? Custom louvered shutters are the perfect choice. They’ll accommodate your window’s unique shape and provide all the advantages you want from top-end window treatments.

Plantation Shutters Highlight Your Window’s Shape

Polywood shutters on several small arched windows

Eyebrow and other types of arched windows are so attractive that concealing yours behind an ill-suited window covering would be a pity. While window shades and blinds regularly come as rectangles, louvered shutters can fit any window size or shape. This versatility makes them perfect for eyebrow windows and any arched window. Your custom shutter frame will adhere to the exact lines of the window, showing off the arch. Then, based on the scope of your window, the louvers can be positioned in a “sunburst” radiating from the lower middle of the window or as horizontal rows up to the top. Both configurations are completely operable and eye-catching.

You can get plantation shutters constructed of natural wood or a solid wood synthetic like Polywood® shutters. Wood shutters are available in many popular hues to coordinate with your decor. Polywood shutters offer exceptional durability and are white, to suit any design. They won’t distort in high-humidity bathrooms and kitchens or discolor in sun-filled windows.

Louvered Shutters Control Exterior Daylight And Drafts

White Polywood shutters on two arched windows by a bathtub

You could keep your arched window untreated, but most homeowners want and require some kind of window treatment in Dallas if that window lets in warm UV rays and sun glare. Plantation shutters effectively manage light, drafts, and heat. Outside weather can’t penetrate their sturdy components. The tiny amount of outside light that exists between the louvers generates only a slight glimmer. Their louvers also hold off most warmth and cold from your window. In fact, energy-conserving Polywood shutters have innovative weather protection that blocks up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer.

Louvered Shutters On Elevated Windows Are Still Easy To Clean

White Polywood shutters on a large arched window

You’ll often notice eyebrow windows over entryways or other larger windows. This positioning causes them to be up high and possibly problematic to access. This height poses a difficulty when cleaning other window treatments but not louvered shutters.

To clean an eyebrow window plantation shutter in Dallas, simply use a duster you can extend to reach the shutter. It’s easy to slide a duster between the louvers and in the corners to remove every spot of dust. You’ll also appreciate how the shutter won’t move side to side or contort like window blinds or shades.

Speak With Sunburst About Eyebrow Window Plantation Shutters In Dallas

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