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What Kind Of Window Blinds Are In Style In Dallas?

January 25, 2024

Window blinds have been a preferred choice for a long time. Their versatile slats allow you to control the quantity of sunshine in your interior. They are found in various materials and colors to blend with your decor. And even premium window blinds are economical. But after being around for so long, are window blinds out of style in Dallas?

What Kind Of Window Blinds Are In Style In Dallas?

Brown wood blinds on large windows in a green bathroom

It’s easy to locate appealing window blinds that fit current trends. Blinds have a time-tested appearance that works well with most interior designs. You may purchase them in various materials, but top-end natural wood and faux wood blinds provide the best in durability and lasting appeal. They have many benefits that make them a stylish option both now and in the future:

  • Wood blinds bestow a natural feel into your rooms as decor trends evolve to the use of more natural materials.
  • The blinds’ complementary wood stain and paint options blend in with more subtle home decor palettes.
  • Slats of faux wood and natural wood blinds provide a visibly unique texture to your windows.
  • High-end blinds look good by themselves or matched with different curtain or drapery styles to achieve a distinctive look.

What Are The Best Window Blinds For Dallas Properties?

Black blinds on kitchen windows

Stylish window blinds will make your interior look attractive for years to come. But the blinds have to work well, too. The best window blinds in Dallas combine appeal and function. High-end custom wood and faux wood blinds acheive this requirement best.

Finely crafted wood and faux wood blinds are more durable than low-cost aluminum or vinyl blinds that tend to break or bend quickly. Wood and faux wood blinds are stronger. Their slats won’t bend or break from regular usage or the random thump, and their operational components hold up for reliable use longer. Faux wood blinds even hold up against high moisture levels in kitchens and baths. They’ll look beautiful for years.

Premium blinds are also custom-made. Customized window treatments match your windows perfectly. They cover your window completely without any awkward overhang. Poorly fitting window treatments don’t look nice or work correctly. They let in light around the edges or extend out beyond the window. For the best window blinds in Dallas, custom is the way to go.

Do Premium Blinds Accommodate Windows Of Various Shapes?

Quality-crafted blinds are suitable for numerous standard-sized windows. But, they don’t properly cover different shapes like an arch or circle. They also aren’t the greatest choice for larger windows, as a wider, stacked blind can be difficult to manipulate.

For these types of windows, use plantation shutters instead. Interior shutters provide identical benefits as window blinds, with some added perks like better energy savings and longevity. They are also custom-crafted to match your window's exact measurements, so you’ll enjoy light management while maintaining the unique shape of your window. They have more substantial warranties and a longer service life than blinds. In addition, they are a safer choice, with no cords to contend with.

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