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The Perfect Patio Door Window Treatments In Dallas

October 29, 2015

Patio doors are an important aspect of your home, as they bridge you to the outside world with a convenient entrance and amazing view. But what if the sun becomes too bright, or you want to block the line of sight from outside? Selecting the right patio door window treatments in Dallas is vital to get the light control and privacy you need. Thankfully, louvered shutters will work wonderfully no matter what kind of patio door you use.

Window Treatments For French Patio Doors In Dallas

White plantation shutter customized for French door with cutout for handle.

French doors offer your home a distinguishing touch as they can be found in a wide assortment of styles. Be sure to find window treatments that harmonize with your home's unique entrance. Plantation shutters are ideal window treatments for French patio doors, as they may be customized to fit any style or size. Louvered shutters operate reliably regardless of where the handles are located or how the doors operate.

These flexible window treatments offer a multitude of additional benefits, including:

  • Unsurpassed light governance via the use of adjustable louvers. Other choices like drapes or shades only provide you two possibilities - closed or open.
  • Extraordinary longevity. Our plantation shutters are built to outlast your French patio door.
  • They won’t sway or smack when the door is closed or opened because they are securely attached to the door.
  • Unparalleled energy efficiency when installing Polywood® interior shutters. The exclusive weather stripping will help keep your space comfortable in every season.

Window Treatments For Sliding Patio Doors In Dallas

White Polywood shutters on a sliding patio door in a dining room

Just like French doors, the styles and sizes of sliding patio doors can differentiate greatly. You should get a made-to-order window treatment that provides full light and privacy control. That is precisely what you get with plantation shutters. These versatile window treatments for sliding patio doors in Dallas commonly are manufactured in a bypass configuration.

Bypass Sliding Door Shutters

This sturdy, easy-to-operate solution uses shutter panels that glide effortlessly in front of your sliding door on a track. When you have to access your entry, these shutters can be situated one in front of the other. The built-in louvers provide the sunlight control and privacy you want. This sort of sliding door shutter is the most common design, producing an elegant, more contemporary look for your home.

Home design imagery courtesy of Sandra Mijan


Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Patio Door Window Treatments

White plantation shutter with adjustable louvers covering a sliding door

Do I have enough space to install shutters on my sliding door?

In nearly all cases, yes. Many shutter frame and mounting possibilities can accommodate all kinds of sliding patio doors.

Will my door handle get in the way of having shutters?

No. Shutters can be customized with cut-outs that can fit handles of any style.

When installing patio door shutters, is anything secured into the flooring?

No. Patio door shutters adhere to the door frame or the wall bordering the door.

Find Window Treatments For Patio Doors In Dallas

If you’re looking for a custom-manufactured, appealing, and permanent window treatment for your patio doors in Dallas, contact the professionals at Sunburst Shutters Dallas. Our interior shutters allow you to embrace the view while offering unsurpassed light and privacy control. Dial 214-301-5066 today to request your on-site consultation.