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Should You Buy Window Treatments For The Entire House In Dallas?

July 08, 2021

Planning window treatments for your entire Dallas house may seem a monumental challenge. Should you select treatments by individual room or pick for every window in one go? That depends! If you can’t handle a large renovation project right now, it is likely ideal to pick out treatments room by room. But if you just moved and are looking for window treatments for the whole home, buying all of them simultaneously makes sense. In any instance, your window treatment professional can provide assistance.

Polywood® shutters in a bathroom.

Reasons You Should Get Dallas Window Treatments For The Entire House Simultaneously

A lot of times, when a single room is in need of updated window treatments, other rooms will as well. If you just moved into a new house, you might need brand new window coverings to take over for the ugly residential aluminum blinds. Or, if your living space has an open concept design, you should purchase every treatment in unison so that your new treatments don’t clash with the old ones. Or, if you're like the majority of residents in Dallas, you have the same matching window treatment throughout your space. And if you replace one treatment\covering, you ought to update all the window treatments in your home so every room remains a perfect set.

If you need the same make of window treatments on each window, you need to consider a neutral option that blends into any decor. Faux wood plantation shutters provide a nice white palette in every room. They can be made to fit any window shape and size and offer great privacy, light control, and energy efficiency that’s ideal for any area in the house.

 Plantation shutters in a bedroom.

Or Select Window Treatments One Room At A Time

When renovating your window treatments in your complete house in Dallas usually takes place in one swoop, you can upgrade room by room over time. Periodically, you have to figure out what you want your windows covering to provide and then find designs that coordinate as well. This may take a while, so start with the space or window that is begging for updated window treatments the most. For instance, you can install a classic Roman shade in one bedroom this month, then move to Polywood shutters in other rooms when you’re ready.

Your Sunburst Shutters Dallas window treatment sales rep will guide you for the entire process. They are going to help you gauge the gameplan for each window and offer advice for which window treatment styles offer industry-leading privacy, insulation, and shade. They will also measure every window while out for your first appointment. That way, you can order treatments for different rooms when it works for you.

Discover Window Treatments For Your Dallas Home At Sunburst Shutters Dallas

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