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Six arched windows with white Polywood shutters in an elegant stairwell

What To Use On Stair Windows In Dallas

April 27, 2023

Your stairwell windows in Dallas present a unique challenge for even a seasoned home decorator. They’re often a different shape and size than your home’s other windows, which makes them more difficult to cover. Generally, they are also in a hard-to-reach location, like over the stairs, close to the ceiling. However, despite their tricky aspects, stair windows can help highlight your stairwell with the right window treatments

Whatever you’re working with, you can transform those Dallas stairwell windows to work for your home! With these suggestions, your windows can pop - just like that brilliant stream of sunlight shining in.

Window Blinds, Shades, And Shutters

White transitional shades on a large window next to a staircaseAs you look at the space around your stairwell windows in Dallas, consider a few popular styles of window treatments:

  • Plantation shutters are constructed of hardwood or highly durable wood-alternative material, providing unmatched UV protection, light blocking, and durability. Shutters are custom-built to fit any window shape. They are great for matching the wood of handrails or stairs.
  • Window shades have a length of fabric mounted at the top of your window. The material may come in an array of textures and colors, making them ideal for coordinating with your decor.
  • Premium faux-wood or wood blinds look and operate easier than cheap aluminum blinds. You can the slats for the perfect amount of sunshine to illuminate your stairs without blinding anyone as they go up and down.


Consider What Stairs You Have

Polywood shutters on three windows in an ornate stairwellNot all staircases are designed alike. It’s crucial to consider the stairs themselves before picking window treatments. Does the stairwell have more than a single window? Do the stairs turn or are they straight? Is the flooring carpet, wood, or tile? All of these considerations may help you know what you want to install on the windows.

If you have multiple stairwell windows in Dallas, look at a window treatment that will look good on all of them - matching window treatments is vital! A turn in the staircase will change how the light hits, meaning you may want treatments like versatile Polywood® shutters that have lots of options for light control. If your stairwell has wooden panels, wood Ovation® interior shutters that match the grain and color could look stunning.

The Decorations Near Your Dallas Stair Windows Matter

The wide, blank wall space in your stairwell is prime real estate to show off and have fun. How you style the space around your stair windows in Dallas may determine your ideal window treatment you use.

A vibrantly printed roller shade can attract more attention to a gallery wall of family photos. If you change the space differently for each of the seasons, a neutral-toned window shade or interior shutter will coordinate with your decor throughout the year. If you have plants on the window sill or the railing, woven fiber shades will mesh with the natural aesthetic.

Don’t Let Shape Or Placement Frustrate You

White Polywood shutters on an arched window in a stairwellIs that window ina difficult-to-reach spot? Install a motorized window shade with a remote control! If your stairwell window in Dallas is a different shape and size from other windows throughout your house, get a custom-made interior shutter that matches instead of hides its unique form. Don’t let an atypical shape or location prevent you from realizing your dream design.

Get The Top Window Treatments For Any Stairwell Window In Dallas With Sunburst Shutters Dallas

Once you know how to cover your stair windows properly, buy the right window treatments for them from Sunburst Shutters Dallas. With total light management, timeless beauty, and ease of operation, your stair window treatments just became one of your favorite parts of your house! Just call 214-301-5066 or fill out our form below to schedule a free consultation.