White polywood shutters in a corner of a dining room.

Ways To Cover Corner Windows In Dallas

March 28, 2022

Picking window treatments to go in your Dallas house seems simple enough. But some windows can be harder to dress, such as when you have window panes which come together in a corner. If you need to cover corner windows in Dallas, window shades or custom-crafted plantation shutters work better than curtains or blinds. When fabricated to fit your windows correctly, they look chic and cover your windows like you need.

Beautiful Interior Shutters Totally Cover Corner Windows In Dallas

White polywood shutters in a corner of a living room 

You can have multiple problems when you try to cover corner windows in Dallas. If one of your windows spans the two sides of the corner, blinds over each side won’t quite meet together and will create a gap for sunlight to come in or catch on each other. If you have separate windows that nearly meet in a corner, you may lack space for drapes in the corner.

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