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Polywood shutters on windows in an elegant dining room

Get Inspired By These Dazzling Dining Room Window Treatments in Dallas-Fort Worth

January 18, 2024

Whether you like hosting parties during the holidays or low-key family dinners during the week, the right dining room window treatments can make your meals more enjoyable. Dining room window treatments in in Dallas-Fort Worth need to impress guests but also stand up to the occasional splatter of food, as well. And, without a doubt, they have to provide excellent light management to keep the sun’s glare out of your eyes while you eat.

You could pick fabric window shades in your preferred colors or premium wood blinds for an easy update. But for a timeless overhaul, consider appealing and long-wearing Polywood® plantation shutters. The choice comes down to style and functionality.

Polywood Interior Shutters Look Wonderful On Every Window

Polywood shutters on a large window in a neutral-colored dining room

Whenever you dine in your dining room, your visitors or family will have the entire meal to appreciate your window treatments. Offer them something dazzling to see with Polywood shutters. Polywood interior shutters have the timeless appeal of long-established wood shutters but are an extruded synthetic wood material that comes in fashionable shades of white that match every home interior. Their firm construction makes them a more high-end architectural feature instead of a temporary fixture. They bestow an understated grace to both informal and formal dining rooms.

Polywood shutters also are one of the only window treatments that can cover specialty-sized window treatments perfectly. Blinds and shades on an arched or oval opening will leave areas of the window bare, making it look incomplete, or cover the whole window and a lot of the wall next to it. Curtains will totally hide the window and may make your room seem smaller when blocking sunlight. Interior shutters, on the other hand, are custom-fabricated to superbly suit any angled or rounded window, and will allow you to proudly display your unique window while still giving you light governance and energy savings.

Polywood Shutters Are Easy To Clean

Polywood shutters on a large window in a neutral-colored dining room

Occasional spills here and there are normal in a room designed for sharing meals. While it’s true that food splatters can damage fabric and wood window treatments, heavy-duty Polywood shutters will endure for decades in dining rooms. Their impervious outer finish is resistant to stains and wipes off simply with a moistened rag if your family gets food remnants on your shutters. And they’re a breeze to clean with a duster between dinners. You don’t need to take them down to clean them, and there’s never anything to launder. All it requires is a quick wipe, and they look just like when you first got them.

Polywood Shutters Give You Total Command Over Light And Privacy

Polywood shutters with top louvers tilted open in a dining room

The right lighting sets the mood for a formal event or casual family meal. Polywood shutters give you the chance to attain the perfect level of exterior light no matter what kind of dinner you have planned. If you have lovely landscaping to appreciate from your dining room, swing back the shutter panels for a unfettered view. Too sunny? Secure your shutters and move the louvers to remove sun glare. Or if it’s frigid out and you want to prevent chilly air from passing through your windows, totally close the panels and louvers. Polywood’s patented weather protection makes these products the most energy-friendly dining room window treatments in in Dallas-Fort Worth!

Closed Polywood shutters give you total privacy too. In the evenings when you prefer not to have the neighbors peeking in, shut the panels and louvers before you dine. They close tightly and won’t move from airflow like shades and blinds will. You can appreciate your meal with no exterior interruptions on a nightly basis.


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