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Blue cellular shades contrast against a white wall and white bench sitting area

Are Cellular Shades In Style In Dallas?

February 15, 2024

Window treatments perform an essential part in your house’s interior style. They should look good with your architectural details and decor to create your desired look. But what kind of treatment should you choose? Are cellular shades in style in Dallas? Absolutely! Learn why this multi-functional and energy-efficient window fashion is a wonderful option for your abode.

What Are Cellular Shades?

Dark cellular shades cover large windows in living room
Cellular shades, commonly referred to as honeycomb shades, get their name because of their unique construction of pleated fabric. When you close them, cellular shades trap air in honeycomb-like pockets or cells and enhance your window’s energy efficiency. They lessen the impact of very cold or hot temperatures in your home’s interior, helping insulate your house during all seasons. When lifting them up, the pleats precisely fold on top of each other like an accordion and use very little space, allowing you a complete view of the outdoors.

Select From An Array Of Colors, Patterns, And Opacities

Gray cellular shades on living room windows

Cellular shades are a fashionable option for your Dallas home because you can get them in various patterns, colors, pleat sizes, and opacities to fit your unique interior decor. Make a dramatic statement with a bright color, or use neutral hues that blend in smoothly with existing paint and decor.

Besides color, you also have choices for light control. Do you want to mimic the look of sheer drapery with a translucent shade? Do you need a solid, more opaque treatment to block outside lights? The choice is yours. If you enjoy having sunlight shining through the top while keeping the rest of the window closed for privacy, ask about top-down/bottom-up cellular shades.

Consider window treatments with louvers or slats such as interior shutters and wood or faux wood blinds for more flexible light control. These treatments offer more options for redirecting or keeping out light. And Polywood® shutters are an excellent energy-efficient alternative to cellular shades.

Cordless And Motorized Cellular Shades in Dallas Give Decor Elegant, Contemporary Appeal

Top-down, bottom-up cellular shades covering windows in stylish bedroom
You might wish to avoid cords swinging from your window treatments if you want to create a sleek, modern appearance. Luckily, you can customize cellular shades for cord-free and even motorized operation. Forgoing strings complements your design and is more safety-conscious, particularly if you have children. You will also like the modern ease of motorization, as you can lower or raise your shade without moving from your chair.

Where Should You Use Cellular Shades?

Thanks to their functionality and range of opacities, you can use cellular shades just about anywhere. You can even use them in bedrooms and media rooms because they come in heavier, more opaque styles. But, as these fabric window treatments can absorb odor and moisture, they aren’t the ideal choice for specific spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. You’ll be happier using a moisture-resistant treatment like faux wood blinds or Polywood® shutters in such areas.

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