The Highest Quality Plantation Shutters In Carrollton

If you’re looking for a premium window treatment, not just anything will suffice. At Sunburst Shutters, we offer the highest quality plantation shutters in Carrollton. Our custom shutters are built to last, and will retain their beauty up to 30 years from when you put them in.

As a local Carrollton shutter seller since 1989, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners and beautified their windows with the best, highly rated shutter products on the market. Every detail, from our quality craftsmanship to our custom installation is designed to leave you with the most reliable plantation shutters in Carrollton.

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The Reason For Interior Shutters in Carrollton

So why do Carrollton homeowners pick interior shutters as their window treatment of choice? There are many reasons why homes in your community use shutters, no matter if the house is historic, modern, large, or small:

  • Looks - Moreso than any other reason, shutters are widespread throughout Carrollton because they look great. Their solid construction and precise fit offer a feeling of timelessness, and their crisp lines allow them to accentuate just about any design you could imagine. Not to mention their naturally beautiful wood texture, with numerous paint and finish options available.

  • Strength - Plantation shutters are designed to handle anything the Carrollton environment can throw at them. While other window treatments may lose color or bend after prolonged exposure to sunlight, shutters hold strong and stay beautiful for ages. Shutters also don’t use any cords, wands, or mechanisms that tend to need to be replaced after a short time.

  • Energy Efficiency - Indoor shutters protect you from Carrollton weather more than any other window treatment available. With solar protection that outclasses blinds, drapes, and more – shutters serve to keep your home at a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

Polywood - The Most Popular Faux Wood Shutter in Carrollton

There are many reasons why Polywood® plantation shutters are the best-selling faux wood shutter in Carrollton. First, their enduring beauty and quality construction can elevate any window in any room - even if the window is a unique shape like a eyebrow or rake window.

In addition to their looks, they are highly durable and will never crack or warp. Polywood Shutters are also unfazed by moisture and heat and come with a lifetime warranty on the product and install job. And their unique weatherstripping design outclasses similar window treatments’ energy efficiency, blocking nearly half of all the heat transfer through your window.

Lastly, Polywood shutters are built in America and are built utilizing eco-friendly components. Sunburst Shutters Dallas also provides Studio Shutters, which are a more budget-friendly, basic shutter.

Natural Wood Shutters in Carrollton

For Carrollton residents that want to bring the natural beauty of hardwood indoors, Sunburst Shutters has you (and your windows) covered with stunning Ovation® natural wood shutters. Hardwood shutters, built from solid furniture-grade teak, are a fantastic window covering for Carrollton homeowners that want a fashionable window treatment that adds character and history to any room. The natural wood texture, along with our wide assortment of natural wood finishes, lets you bring nature’s best looks into your home design.

For a hardwood shutter even closer to nature, we also offer reclaimed wood shutters in Carrollton, Texas. Our acclaimed reclaimed wood shutters are made from lumber originating from all over America, making a window treatment that is totally individual, and a work of art in your home.

Find Custom Shutters In Carrollton with Sunburst

Finding custom shutters in Carrollton is simple when you choose Sunburst Shutters. We’re there to guide you through each step of the process so that you get exactly the type of shutters you need to fit your style and budget. Here’s the process we use to get in your home:

  1. Call 214-301-5066 or complete the form at the bottom of the page to arrange a free window design consultation with a member of our team.

  2. During your meeting, your window treatment consultant will take measurements of your windows. Then they will go over all all the choices you have, and possibly provide tips for selecting the best window coverings for your individual budget and style.

  3. You select your favorite window treatment and place an order.

  4. After a short while, when your shutters are built, a member of our installation team will pay a visit to your home to put in your shutters and demonstrate how to operate them and maintain them.

Once completed, you have gorgeous shutters in your home without ever lifting a finger.

A Variety of Shades and Blinds In Carrollton

If you want a window treatment aside from shutters, we have what you need. We have a variety of blinds, shades, and other window treatments for you to pick from.


Polywood Blinds In Carrollton

Our premier Polywood blinds marry the low maintenance of blinds with the durability and simple elegance of Polywood. Pick from either natural wood blinds made from basswood or faux wood blinds.

Shades In Carrollton

Shades at Sunburst come in a variety of styles and textures to fit any space in your home. Pick from roller shades, woven shades, Roman shades, and more to achieve the best looks for your windows.

If you need ideas, take a look at our Home Idea Gallery which is filled with photos of all of our window treatment products in Carrollton.

For Carrollton Window Treatments, Turn To Sunburst

Don’t make your windows an afterthought to your home any more. With aid from Sunburst Shutters Dallas, you can completely change up the looks and energy efficiency of your space, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Just call 214-301-5066 today to contact one of our window design professionals, and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation, so you can get the ideal window treatment for your home’s windows, regardless of the height, unique shape, or room it’s in.